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Social Work Examination Services License Review Study Guides are recognized as the leader in license exam preparation. Check the student comments about SWES study materials and 2-day review courses.

SWES Comprehensive Study Guides books are used by many schools of social work to prepare graduating students for license exams.

All SWES study materials are regularly updated to reflect changes in social work license exams.

SWES works with a distinguished panel of social work educators who prepare multiple choice questions, teach in our social work license preparation programs, and monitor the success of our programs. View our consulting and teaching faculty at
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SWES offers a 30 day money-back guarantee for purchasers of our programs. *

SWES faculty regularly run 2-day review courses in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. See our schedule of 2 day courses at Review Course Schedule or check for partner lecture programs at school of social work using SWES materials and methods at our Special Announcements page.

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