Course Topics
Course Topics

Note: Lecture Courses focus on the clinical content of the examination and on test-taking skills.

Social Policy

  • Societal Context for Social Welfare
  • Major perspectives and frameworks of social policy
  • Important Supreme Court decisions
  • Trends in current social policy
  • Social Security and other landmark legislation
  • Major Current Social Welfare Policy Provisions including Welfare
  • Policy and Practice
  • The new NASW Code of Ethics

  • Research design
  • Types of Research
  • Descriptive and Experimental Studies
  • Validity, Reliability, Sampling
  • Formative and summative evaluations
  • Tests of significance
  • Descriptive Statistics

Community Organization and Administration
  • Concepts and frameworks for planning and community organization
  • Major theories and social work roles
  • Rothman's models of community organization
  • Administrative functions
  • Major management theorists and schools of thought
  • Trends in community organization and planning

Human Behavior
  • Important theorists and their conceptual orientations
  • Freud, Hartman, Sullivan, Rogers, Erikson, Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilligan, etc
  • Psychopathology: models for understanding mental disorder
  • DSM5
  • Diagnostic process
  • Major classifications of mental disorders 

Social Work Practice with Individuals
  • Generic, psycho-social, functional, problem-solving approaches
  • Major treatment models
  • Crisis intervention, behavior modification
  • Social Problems
  • Ecological models
  • Casework in special settings
  • Casework roles and treatment perspectives

Social Work Practice With Groups
  • History of social group work
  • Phases of working with groups
  • Group process and dynamics
  • Contemporary approaches
  • Group practice with special populations
  • HMOs and Groups

Clinical Practice
  • Phases of treatment
  • Uses of self
  • Major theories
  • Clinical practice in special settings
  • Values, ethics, confidentiality and malpractice
  • Principal medications and their use

Multicultural Practice and Diversity
  • Origins of Culturally Competent Practice
  • Theoretical Tensions and Dilemmas
  • Approaches to Practice
  • Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
  • Cultural Competence in Organizations
  • Mental Health issues with Different Cultural and Ethnic Groups
  • Racism and Diversity 

Test Taking Techniques
  • Assumptions of test creators
  • Answering multiple-choice questions
  • Preparing for the exam
  • The scoring system
  • Practice exam and review of question strategies